Cross Selling Final Expense Leads

If anyone successfully cross selling final expense to their Medicare clients? If so, how are they pproaching the sale? These are an important questions regarding corss selling final expense leads.

You should understand that with up-selling (which is the art of increasing the purchase amount or value in a sale), cross-selling is the act of selling another policy to your prospect-turned-customers. The best way of segmenting your book of business is to use a model which is call customer-client-fan model. The customer-client-fan model can help you classify how much value you’re getting from your customer base, in terms of repeat business as well as additional referrals.

If the client ends up referring someone to you, either because of the additional types of insurance you sell or because you’ve had them on the books for some time, then that client then becomes a fan. If the fan refers multiple referrals your way, then the fan could be classified as a raving fan.

In reality, if you’ve met a customer’s needs with your one product, cross-selling another product after the sale can be even easy. It’s even easier if you’ve saved them money on an over-priced Final Expense or Medicare Supplement policy. But getting an easy sale isn’t the only reason to cross-sell.

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